NGC 2090 is one of the smaller galaxies we have had the pleasure to
image -- Wiki lists it at 2.4 x 4.9', though it appears somewhat larger
when fully "stretched" to show those dim arms.

This galaxy was studied as part of the HST Extragalactic Distance Scale
Key Project, to help better define the value of the Hubble constant. 34
Cepheids were found within 2090. (The project looked at 18 galaxies total
with redshifts to 1500 km/sec -- 2090 was one of the chosen few due to
its spiral arms -- sparse enough to be resolved into stars with the HST.)

16" RCOS @ f/11.3
Planewave 200 HR
Apogee U9 imager
SBIG 402 guider
Astrodon Series I LRGB


L=   30min x
74, 1x1
R=  15 min x 4
8, 1x1
G=  15min x 4
0, 1x1
B=  15 min x 4
0, 1x1

Data acquired at
with Maxim/ACP

Processed with CCD
Inspector, PixInsight,  
and Adobe PS.
          NGC 2090 in Columba
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