At the heart of the southern
Great Eta Carina Nebula (NGC
3372) is the Keyhole Nebula
(NGC 3324), showcasing the
famous star, Eta Carina, to the
lower left. Unfortunately, most
denizens of the Northern
Hemisphere have never
glimpsed this bright region. In
this version, taken from Chile,
one views a narrowband image
using 3 emission line filters. 28
hours of data from a
prior widefield
image in the Hubble palette
(SII-Ha-OIII) was used, in
conjunction with 36 minutes of Ha
data using a long focal length
16" RCOS @ f/11.3
Apogee U
SBIG 402 guider

Ha = 36 minutes

Takahashi FSQ 106

Ha = 12.5 hrs.
OIII = 8 hrs.
SII = 7.5 hrs.

Data acquired at CTIO

Processed with CCD
Inspector, Maxim,
PixInsight, Neat Image,
and Adobe Photoshop.
         The Keyhole Nebula
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