The Lagoon Nebula, M8,
aka NGC 6523, is a fine
example of an emission
nebula within Sagittarius.
About 5000 lightyears
distant, and 140 lightyears
across, it is a region of
active star formation, with
that activity concentrating
centrally in an area known
as the "hourglass" nebula
(can you see it?) The data
for this image was acquired
at the SSRO observatory in
central Chile, where M8
rises much higher
than in
the northeastern USA.
s my earlier broadband
version of M8 that also
incorporates Ha and OIII
16" RCOS @ f/11.3
Apogee U9 imager
SBIG 402 guider
Astrodon H
a & OIII

icolor Narrowband; green
channel synthesized from
the other 2; RGB stars
added from
this image

= 5 hours, 1x1
= 6 hours, 1x1

Data acquired at

Processed with CCD
Inspector, Maxim,
PixInsight, Neat Image,
and Adobe Photoshop.
     M8 -- The Lagoon Nebula
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