M13 -- Click on image to enlarge
RCOS 16" RC @ f/8.4
Astrodon Series I LRGB


R = 5 min x
15,  1x1
G = 5 min x
15,  1x1
B = 5 min x
15,  1x1

Image data acquired
remotely at New Mexico

Processed with
CCDsoft, Registar,
Sigma Combine, Neat
Image, and Adobe PS.

A synthetic luminance
was added to help
brighten the field.
M13 is a globular cluster, a
massive ball of stars in the
constellation Hercules.
"Globs" number about 150
in our Milky Way, and are
positioned in the galactic
"halo" as opposed to the
open clusters of stars that
are located in the galactic
"disk".  M13 is the best
glob visible from the
northern hemisphere, and
on a clear dark night, the
100,000 or so stars
contained within appear
like "a spoonful of sugar on
black velvet" when viewed
through the eyepiece of a