M16, aka NGC 6611, aka
the Eagle Nebula, is in
Serpens, near the borders
between Serpens, Scutum,
and Sagittarius, and about
8000 lightyears distant. As
you gaze upon the Eagle,
you are witnessing the birth
of new suns -- their energy
causing the surrounding
gases to glow. Compare
with other stellar nurseries,
such as
M42 and M20.
RCOS 16" RC @ f/11.3
Apogee U9 imager
ST 402 guider

Ha = 8 hrs, unbinned
OIII = 4 hrs, unbinned
RGB = 2.5 hrs/channel

Data acquired remotely at
CTIO in Chile
using ACP. The
image was layered with data
from our
 earlier version of
with the U47 (a smaller
      M16, the Eagle Nebula
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