The Heart and Soul Nebula
complex is located in
Cassiopeia, and includes IC
1805 and IC 1848,
respectively.  The heart shape
of 1805 is instantly
recognizable, but many don't
"see" the human fetus (?) in
1848 until it is pointed out.

I started acquiring the data for
this 4 frame mosaic in 2007
(remotely from New Mexico),
but the bulk of the data waited
until the fall of 2015 to
complete from my home in the
suburbs of Philadelphia.  
Tipping the scales at about
100 hours, it is the most time I
have spent imaging a single
piece of sky!
Takahashi FSQ106N @ f/5

Takometer & Robofocus
Paramount ME

aader Ha & OIII Filters

4 panel mosaic with
~25 hours data/panel

Processed with M
Registar, Neat Image,
PixInsight, and Adobe PS.

          The Heart and Soul Nebulae
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